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Roku Activate

This guide provides you a step-by-step procedure to activate your Roku device. Also, here you will find some troubleshooting methods that will help you to resolve Roku activation errors.

Quick and Effective Procedure to Activate Your Roku Device is the web page from where you can conveniently activate your Roku device such as Roku streaming stick, Roku Express, Roku box, etc. Here is a comprehensive and understandable procedure by following which you can easily activate your Roku device. Hence for Roku Activate, pursue the given steps. 

Roku Activate
  • Link Your Roku Device Properly With TV:

In the initial stage, establish a connection between your TV and Roku Streaming Player. There are two ways to connect the Roku player with the TV depending on the functionality of your Roku player. For example, if you are going to activate a Roku stick, it can be directly connected to the TV HDMI port. But if you are going to activate another streaming player such as Roku Premiere or Roku Express, you have to use an HDMI cable that comes with the device. So, spot the HDMI port on your TV and connect your device to it for “Roku Activate”. 

  • Power Up the Roku Device

 When done, press the Input or Source button on your TV remote. By doing so, the Input List will be presented on your TV screen. Select the same HDMI port to which your Roku device is connected. Now, insert the batteries into the Roku remote that is supplied with your Roku device. Now, it’s time to power up your Roku device. For that purpose, attach the one end of the power cord to the Roku device firstly. If your TV has a GB USB port, connect the other end of the power cord to it, otherwise, you can directly connect the cord to the wall outlet. 

  • Establish a Wired or Wireless Network Connection on Your TV

To proceed forward for Roku Activate, select the Language that you understand well and want to stream channels in the same language. Once done, you have to set up an internet connection. To do so, select either the “Wired” option and then attach an Ethernet cable from your TV to the router. Alternatively, you can select “Set up Wireless Connection”. With this, a list containing different wireless network names will present on your screen. Recognize your particular network and then select it. If your Wifi is security-enabled, you will be requested to input a password. Once an internet connection is formed, your Roku player will download the latest software and restart accordingly. 

  • Go to and Enter the Activation Code

Thereafter, an activation code will be shown to you on the TV screen. Note it down. Now, for Roku Activate, you need to power on your computer, select a web browser, and then visit by inserting it in the address bar. Type the code correctly and to move further for Roku Activate, click Submit. In the next place, you have to sign in to your account. If you have done the account registration earlier, select “I already have One”. Input the login credentials that belong to your Roku account and hit “Sign In”. 

  • Add Channels to Your Roku Account

A new window will pop-up that will show you some channels which comes free with your Roku streaming player. Select the channels on the basis of your preference and then click Submit. Automatically, the channel updates will start on your TV. When all the channels are added, you will see the “All Done” screen on your TV. In this manner, the “Roku Activate” process can be easily performed.

Useful Ways to Fix Roku Activation Errors

There are scenarios when users face errors while performing the “Roku Activate” process. Here are some tips and suggestions that will fix your error in just a few moments. So, take a look at below-listed steps: 

  1. If you face the “Invalid Code” error message, check all the characters of the code and ensure that you are typing the code correctly. Otherwise, you have to generate a new code. For that, you have to locate and press the “Start” button on your Roku remote. It will give you an option of “Get a new code’. Select it and then enter the new code on your computer screen. 
  2. If your Roku device gets stuck on the Link Code screen, check the internet connection to which your device is connected. It may be possible that your device is not receiving proper wifi signals. In such cases, restart your router and device. Also, your Roku device must be placed near to your router to get better signals. Once you do so, reconnect your device to Wifi by entering the correct password.