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The Roku app is a free application built for iOS and Android devices that turns the user’s device into a control center for the Roku streaming device. The users can launch channels, go to the Roku’s interface, search and issue commands with the voice. However, they can even share pictures and videos on their TV, listen to their favorite songs on their headphones, and much more. 

The users can download and install the Roku on their device from the app store or the google play store. Therefore, after the user downloads the application, they are advised to connect their mobile device to a similar wireless network as the Roku device for the proper functioning of the remote. 

Features of the Roku app

The Roku app is full of the latest and advanced features that have made it easy for all users to control their Roku device, search for their favorite content through their voice, and more interesting features. Moreover, the following mentioned below are the salient features of the Roku app.

Fast and Easy Search

It allows the users to quickly search for their favorite channels through their voice or mobile keyboard. Moreover, the users can check where the movies and shows are provided to stream for free at a nominal cost.

Voice control for the Roku device

It is a fun, convenient, fast, and easy-to-use application. Along with this, the users will have to click on the voice icon and say a command to search, open entertainment, control the streaming device, and much more. 

No need to wake the house

It enables the users to turn up the volume with the private listening feature on the Roku application. The users can simply plug the headphones into their phones and listen at any volume without disturbing others. Along with this, up to three friends can join in on their phones too.

Cast pictures and more on the TV

The users can share pictures, videos, and music from their compatible smartphone right to their TV. Thus, the users can enjoy slideshows and videos on the big screen. Moreover, others can even join and share pictures and videos from their mobile device at the same time.

Steps to download the Roku app

Through the help of the steps outlined below, it would get easy for all users to download the Roku app on their device. Therefore after the user downloads and installs the application, they are advised to connect it with the wireless connection to use it to its full potential. 

  • Note: Ensure a stable and robust internet connection for downloading and installing the Roku application.
  • After this, the users are advised to open the google play store.
  • Note: The iOS users are recommended  to access the app store to get the Roku application.
  • Then in the search bar, type “Roku app.”
  • After this, from the search results, the users are advised to tap on the Roku app.
  • Then click on the install option.
  • After this, the Roku application installation procedure will begin.
  • Now the users are recommended to wait for the installation procedure to complete.
  • Once the application gets downloaded and installed on the device, the users are suggested to connect it to the Roku streaming device.
  • Note: Ensure that the Roku and the streaming device are connected to the same wireless network connection.

Hence, after downloading and installing the Roku app on their smartphone, the users can easily access the features and navigate the Roku streaming device easily and conveniently. However, the users will have to first perform the setup procedure and for that, access the official website, i.e., to setup the streaming device. Furthermore, users facing issues while downloading or installing the app are suggested to help the Roku customer service team. 

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