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How to Fix It When your Roku Remote Is Not Working?

Roku is counted amongst the most prominent and leading American companies all across the world. It provides worldwide users with a variety of digital media players that facilitates smooth video streaming. Moreover, the best thing about Roku media players is that they are simple, cost-effective, and easy to use. However, the design and features of the Roku media player remote differ from one model to another. All of the Roku remotes come with some common features like a directional pad, buttons to play and pause the videos, and a home and a back button.

Furthermore, some remotes also have quick launch buttons for popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. However, all technical products come with some technical issues. Thus, sometimes Roku users find it difficult to connect their remote to the Roku player. Often, the users are suggested to reset their Roku remote when it is not working properly. In addition to this, in this blog, we have given the quick and straightforward ways through which the users can easily resolve if their Roku remote is not working properly.  

Roku Remote Is Not Working

How many types of Roku Remotes are there?

Roku provides the users with two types of Roku remotes- enhanced and the simpler infrared remote. The enhanced remote comes with the “point anywhere” feature. It allows the users to operate the Roku media player whether it is pointed towards the Roku media player or not. Whereas the users have to point the simpler infrared remote directly towards the player to give commands. 

Note: The enhanced remote users often face the “Roku remote is not working” issue. On the other hand, the simpler infrared remote is pointed directly towards the media player, therefore it only rarely fails to function properly due to battery issues. Thus, whenever a simpler infrared remote does not work, the users are suggested to change their batteries. 

Reset Procedure of Roku Remote

In this section of this write-up, we have listed the easiest and straightforward step-by-step process using which the users can conveniently reset their Roku remote. Thus, all the users are suggested to follow the below-mentioned steps to reset their Roku remote:- 

  • First of all, the users are recommended to remove the batteries of their Roku remote
  • After this, they are required to unplug the power cable from the Roku media player and then wait for a few seconds. 
  • Then, plug it back in the Roku media player again. 
  • Now, the Roku home screen would appear on the TV screen. 
  • After this, the users are recommended to insert the batteries in their Roku remote. 
  • Then, the users are required to search for the reset button situated in the battery section of the remote. 
  • Now, press and hold reset button for five seconds until the pairing light starts flashing. 
  • Note: the location of the pairing light varies according to different media player models. Although, it is mostly situated either in the battery compartment near the reset button or at the front of the remote. 
  • Therefore, after following all the above-mentioned steps, the users can reset and resolve the Roku remote is not working issue. 


In this write-up, we addressed the most common issue the Roku media player users often face with their Roku remote. The users often complain that their Roku remote is not working properly. Therefore, in this blog, we mentioned the step-by-step procedure to reset the Roku remote. Thus, we hope that after following the above procedure, the users can easily resolve the issue. Moreover, the users are advised to visit the official website to link the Roku Devices.


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