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What is Roku?

Roku is a streaming device that allows you to access paid and free video content on your TV via the internet. It is the most convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy your TV as well as movie streaming services. Some of these services may include Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, and other online streaming applications. streaming devices are stuffed with world-class features and up to date technology features that will enhance the experience of Roku users. 

To get most of the Roku, it comes with many different Roku products like Roku streaming stick, blu-ray player, Roku TV, and other Roku accessories. You can also utilize its premium features just after activating the Roku keycode through the online web portal i.e You can easily set up your Roku TV or any other device just by following some simple steps mentioned in this article. Above all of this, the Roku device is easy to use and involves a user-friendly and straightforward process to set up. Just by using the Roku device you can get access to more than 4000 channels and can also add some channels by purchasing it from the online store.

Setting up your Roku streaming player via
  • Firstly, look for the HDMI port in your TV and then insert the Roku streaming stick in that port. In case, you are not able to insert the streaming stick due to space restrictions you can use the extended cable to insert the streaming stick. 
  • Thereafter, power on your TV and press the Input and then press the Source button from your remote control. 
  • Soon after this, now you have to select the HDMI port in which you have inserted the streaming player from the TV screen. 
  • Thereafter, ensure that you have inserted the batteries appropriately in its respective slots. It will start giving the flashing light and then it automatically pairs with your Roku TV. In case, if you are unable to pair the Roku remote then hold and press the pairing button for up to seconds. Just after this the light will start flashing and start pairing with your TV. 
  • Now, from the upcoming screen, make the appropriate choice of the language as per your suitability. You can scroll up and down to the options available and click Ok to select the language.
  • Later on, link your Roku device with the wired or wireless network connection. For wireless connection, simply opt for the internet network connection that you are using at present. Insert the password for the same within the empty text bar correctly. Apparently, if you are not able to find the name of your network click on Scan again to see all networks options and then proceed further. 
  • It will automatically start updating the Roku software and will restart your device once it gets complete. 
  • Once the update process is over, it will bring the Set Display Type page on your screen. Afterwards, simply press the Ok button and it will automatically determine the best resolution for your TV screen. Continue further by clicking on Automatic Configuration and then in the next window, confirm by selecting the Yes option. 
  • After this, check the settings of your Roku remote control. You can do so by selecting the Check Remote Settings option and then it will start playing music on your TV if you are able to hear it press Yes option. If you are unable to hear click No and then manually enter the brand name of your TV remote you are using. 
  • It will take you to the new window where you will see your Roku activation code. Copy it carefully and open your computer and launch the web browser to access 
  • Presently, insert the Activation code provided to you in the previous step as it is and click Submit. 
  • After that, Roku Login to your Roku account if you already have one with the same credentials. Otherwise, set up a new account if you don’t have one. 
  • Once you have signed in to your Roku account your Roku streaming device is set up after it.

Setting up your Roku TV

You have to set up your Roku TV to stream your favorite show, movies, listen to your favorite music, and in fact you can play the games on it. You can control your Roku TV with the remote as well as using the mobile application also. Before setting up your Roku TV, in the very first place, you need to unbox the TV and then connect your TV with the wired or wireless network connection. Just in case, you don’t want to connect your Roku TV with the internet, you can connect the Roku streaming devices like blu-ray player, antenna, cable, or with the satellite box. 

  • In the beginning, you first have to insert the batteries into your Roku TV remote. You need to insert the batteries by looking inside the battery compartment at the appropriate polarity as indicated. Close the back cover of your remote after fixing the batteries properly.
  • Thereafter, you need to ensure that the standby indicator light below the TV screen should be ON, indicating that the TV has power. Soon after this, press the power button from the remote control to turn it in. 
  • Just as your TV turns on it will present you with a screen where you have to opt for the preferred language. Here, you must keep in mind that the language you choose will be displayed in all text and dialog within the Roku application. To make the appropriate choice of the language, scroll up and down, and simply press the OK button to choose the language.
  • Following that, opt for Set up for home use option. 
  • Now, you need to opt for the current internet network that you are using at present from the list of options. Insert the password for the same in the assigned text box correctly. To avoid mistyping errors click on Show Password option show that the password you are typing is displayed on the screen to avoid further activation error. 
  • After inserting the password, press the Select option and it will automatically link your TV with your preferred internet network.
  • Soon after this, it will begin downloading the Roku application on its own on your TV. Reboot your TV after downloading the.  software.
  • Now, if you want to activate your Roku TV, you must have a Roku account. Just in case, you don’t have a Roku account you need to create it first. 
  • To activate your Roku account, use the activation code that you get on your TV screen after connecting to the internet. Take your computer and go to the webpage. On this page, insert the activation code as it is into the specified text field and tap the Submit button. 
  • The next window you will be showcased with two options i.e Yes, I already have one and No, I don’t have one. If you have the Roku account, simply click on Yes, I already have one and fill in the login details correctly. 
  • Whereas, if you don’t have one then create one by clicking on No, I don’t have one and then follow on-screen guidelines. 
  • Soon, after this, it will activate your Roku TV via and now you can easily stream your favorite channels.

Setting up your Roku account via

Roku account is required in order to add channels and to pursue streaming with the media content on the Roku player. You can set up your Roku account either before setting up your Roku device. Alternatively, you can set up your account at the time of activating your Roku device via

  • Get ready with your computing device and simply launch the web browser of your choice and type in Alternatively, you can also use the web URL 
  • Following that, look at the upper right corner and simply tap on the Sign In option. 
  • On the next screen, click on Create Account if you are setting up a Roku account for the first time. 
  • Subsequently, it will lead you to the account setup window of Roku. 
  • Thereafter, provide the First Name and Last Name in their distinct fields. Also, provide the valid email address that you want to connect with your Roku account. 
  • Next, set up a new password that must include both uppercase and lowercase letters.  
  • Have a glimpse of the two important documents that are Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions one after the other by selecting its respective links. Click the Agree textbox and move to the next step.  
  • If you want to receive some recent updates mark the checkbox behind it. 
  • Click on I’m not a robot checkbox and then tap on the Continue tab. 
  • You will receive the confirmation message on your above-mentioned email address. Open the mail and click the Verify tab to confirm your email address and complete the set up of your Roku account process.

Activating your Roku -

  • In the first place, set up your Roku TV and then connect it to a stable and high-speed internet connection. For this, if you opt for the wired connection, pick up your preferred network connection, and simply enter the password for the same accurately. Alternatively, you can use the Ethernet cable to establish the connection between your TV and your router.  
  • Once you are successfully connected with your internet network connection, you will lead to an activation code screen. Have a look on the activation code and note it down at a safe place accurately for future use.
  • Now, take your computing device and visit the activation webpage. 
  • On the upcoming screen, type in the same activation code that you get on your TV screen correctly. You should be more attentive and alert while entering it to avoid activation issues. 
  • Thereafter, drag your cursor and click the Submit button. 
  • Following that, you have to link with your Roku account. Now, either choose Yes, I have already one to log in to your existing account. Otherwise, select No, I don’t have one to establish a new account to continue with the Roku Activate procedure via
  • Soon after this, you have to set up a PIN that is required to purchase the channels or add from the channel store. After this, click type the same code to verify the same and click the Continue tab. Instantly it will give you the Billing window, enter the mandatory details in the allotted fields. 
  • Instantly it will activate your Roku code using and now you can easily get access to your favorite contents.

Setting up your remote
  • Before setting up your remote you first ensure that your Roku TV is turned ON. After this, insert the batteries properly into your remote and then keep your remote closer to your device. Soon after this, your Roku TV will detect the remote and it automatically starts pairing with your device.
  • Connect it to the internet. For this, select your preferred wireless network connection from the list of available networks presented to you on the screen. Insert the password linked to the network connection. 
  • After inserting the password, press the Connect button and it will instantly connect your TV with the internet. 
  • It will start searching if there is any update available and if it found any updates it starts downloading the updates on its own. And then, reboot the device. 
  • Now, your Roku device will analyze the best resolution for your TV on its own without any user intervention. In case, you want to change the display type later on simply go to Settings and select Display Type. 
  • It will display the screen to Check the Remote Settings. It is the initial step to set up your Roku remote to control the volume and power of your TV. In short, select the Check the Remote Settings option to start the process.
  • Thereafter, it will play the music and if you are able to hear it choose Yes. If not, try to listen by raising the volume from the remote.
  • Afterwards, the Roku device will make some attempt to mute the volume with the help of remote codes of the detected TV brand. In this scenario, if the music stops playing, tap Yes.
  • If the music is still playing, click No option. It means that your Roku player is not able to detect the brand of your device so you have to manually enter the brand name. To input the brand name manually, select the Enter TV brand option. After that, enter the name of your TV brand presently using the on-screen keyboard. 
  • With this, your Roku remote is now programmed to control volume as well as power on your TV. And then, press the OK button to move ahead with the procedure. 
  • Hence, it completes the setup of Roku remote.  

You can also set up your Remote after completing the setup procedure of your Roku device. So to do so,here are the complete guidelines. 

  • In the very initial stage, press the Home button using your remote and then scroll up and down and opt for the Settings option. 
  • Afterwards, first tap on the Remote button and then click on Setup remote for TV control. 
  • Choose the Start option to set up your Roku Remote to control your TV volume and power.
  • In the end, follow the prompts on screen to pursue with the setting up of Roku remote.

Wireless network setup and reliability

Wireless network setup and reliability

You need to set up a wireless network in order to stream your favorite channels on your Roku device. To do so, you can either set up your network before activating the Roku code via Otherwise, you can connect to the network after setting up your Roku device.  

  • In the beginning, make sure that your Roku device or TV is turned On. Press the power button from your remote. 
  • Now, you have to connect your TV with the internet network connection. Here, ensure that you must connect your device to the same network just like your computer and router is connected to. 
  • If you are not able to access the internet network connection, click on Scan again to see all networks. Once you found your network, tap on it and enter the password for the same network. You can enter the password with the help of the on-screen keyboard.  
  • Soon after entering the password correctly, verify the same and make the changes at that time only if you find any typing mistake. After this, press the Ok button. 
  • It will automatically connect your Roku TV with the internet connection and then you can move further with the by activating your Roku device to stream your favorite web contents.

Managing your channel subscriptions
Method 1- Manage your channel subscription via Roku streaming device 
    • Ensure that your Roku TV is plugged in the wall outlet and then turn it on. After that, press the power button from your remote. 
    • Just after this, press the Home button with the help of your remote control. 
    • Next, you have to search and access the options for a subscription channel. To do so, follow any of the following methods discussed below. 
      • Through the Channel Lineup 
        • In the very first step, select the Home option from your TV screen. 
        • Use the arrow keys from your remote after this to highlight the subscription channel for your device.
        • Furthermore, navigate and press the button indicating the start icon from your remote. 
      • Through the Channel Store 
        • In the channel store, scroll down to the page and choose the Streaming Channels option from there. 
        • Thereafter, look forward to the category or navigate for the subscription channels that are available on your TV at present. 
        • Later on, press the OK button using your remote control. 
    • Furthermore, accessing all the access options, click Manage Subscriptions option. Just by clicking on this option, you can easily view the renewal date of the purchased channel subscription. Along with this, you can also have a look on the additional access options. 
    • In case, you don’t want to continue with the subscription anymore, opt for the Cancel Subscription. Select the channel whether you want to cancel the subscription on that point of time only or keep it as a reminder until the subscription gets expired. 
    • Here, it completes the process of managing channel subscription via roku streaming device. After this, if you wish to activate your Roku subscription you can use the web address

There is yet another method to manage your subscriptions via the web. For this, go to and sign in to your Roku account. Once you get to the account portal of your Roku, tap on Manage your subscriptions. On the Manage your subscriptions page you will get all the channels to which you are last, opt for Renew or Unsubscribe this will depend how you want to manage the subscription. 

Changing your email or password
  • First of all, turn on your computing device and launch your favorite web browser. 
  • Thereafter, type in web address correctly in the address field. Hit the Enter key and wait for the pages to load properly on your computer. 
  • Now, you have to sign in to your Roku Account. Use the correct login username and password into the assigned fields. 
  • As a result, it will lead you to the accounts portal. Here, select the Update button that is located beneath the Account Information section. 
  • It will take you to the new screen where you will get an application form. Here, you can make changes if you want to change your email address or password. 
  • After filling all the details carefully, tap on the Save Changes button on the bottom of the screen. Just after this, your new password is created and now you can use it to activate your web content via
Updating your payment method

Users can easily update the existing payment method either using the Roku device or with the help of a Roku account. 

Update using the Roku device 
  • Begin the process, by pressing the Home button from your remote control. 
  • Now, go to the Settings option. 
  • Thereafter, select the Payment method option and then update your existing credit card information entered into your Roku device. For this, opt for the Update Payment method and make the desired changes. In case, you are entering credit card information for the very first time, opt for the Select Add Payment method. 
  • Soon after this, input the payment information as it appears on your credit card correctly into the given fields. 
  • In the end, select the Save Card option and it will update your Roku payment method. 
Updating the payment method using your Roku account 
  • Access your web browser and go to webpage. 
  • Thereafter, sign in to your Roku account with the help of registered login credentials. 
  • Once you reach your Roku’s account portal, tap Update button presented just below the Payment Method option. 
  • Soon after this, choose your payment mode and fill all the mandatory details.In the end, click on Save option to conclude the process. 
Updating your account PIN (personal identification number) 
  • Open the most recently launched web browser on your computing device and enter in the address bar. 
  • Now, log in to your Roku account with the appropriate login details. For this, enter the valid and currently running email address into the space provided without using any spaces. 
  • Thereafter, input the password for the same email account correctly as passwords are case-sensitive. Cross- check the details once entered. 
  • Tick mark the checkbox next to I’m not a robot option and then tick mark the necessary boxes. 
  • Soon after this, tap on the Sign In button. 
  • On your accounts portal, look for the Update option beneath the PIN Preference segment. 
  • From the next page, you need to opt for the PIN preference as per your choice.  In short, tick mark the checkbox as per your preference. 
  • In the end, after choosing the PIN preference, and select Save Changes option to update your account PIN. Once you have updated the PIN you can easily use it to add channels just after activating Roku code via


Roku is one of the top most selling streaming services that offers unmatched live and on demand video streaming services to enhance the experience of the users. Apart from this, it also offers a wide range of streaming media players with power-packed and extraordinary features. It also enables you to access thousands of movies and TV shows that you watch just by connecting to the internet. You can easily set up your Roku TV, Roku remote and Roku streaming players to get most out of the Roku streaming features. 

Moreover, you can also manage your channel subscription and update the payment method whenever required. To keep your login credentials safe and secure you can also change it anytime with the help of the Roku account. Users can also activate the Roku device to stream the most recently launched Roku channels just with the help of webpage. You must have a Roku account to manage your channel subscription or to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to continue further.